vehicle management system
vehicle management system



1) Documernent Ref: sofottran/001/2019-20

2) Document date:- Thursday, October 17, 19

3) The special offers that are mentioned in this terms and prices are called the "The offer date" and are valid till 25th November 2019 .

1. Vehicle & Fleet Management

Section 1:- About Software:-

Section 2:- License information

Section 3:- -Version details:-

Section 4:- Quotation:-

" Travels &Fleet Management User License plan-1 "(STFMULP-1)


All 1 module included


Section 5 :-

User License monthly charges:- (as selected and paid by "Indian customer" through the payment gateway

Section 5 a:-

optional Monthly charges section :- (for training and customisation of software- payable until the training and customisation has been completed to the full satisfaction of customer. Customer can stop this anytime after 1 month or extend for any number of months if there is a need. When the support & customization need is reducing gradualy customers can reduce and pay for ,10,5 hours of support gradually @Rs.350 per hour )

"Nissi campus and @site implementation staff" - 25 hrs/pm Rs.8750/-
"Nissi customization staff" - 25 hrs/pm Rs.8750/-


The Vehicle & Fleet Management , (LFMULP-1) user license has to be paid online through Nissis payment gateway. All the monthly user license plan charges will be auto debited to Indian customer account exactly 30 days from the date of first payment every month.

Section 5 b:- (Optional)

"Indian customer" who opt to pay for the full year will be given 1 month discount during the offer period (if paid before the offer date)

Section :-6 Terms for - Nissi server License:-

Section :-7 OtherTerms for - Nissi server License:- is being implemented and used all over India and our staff have travelled to our "Indian customer" locations , staying there and implementing software While comparing to the excellent service we give , and strong features , and 10 modules of the software , we know that the cost we are quoting is so low and it also comes with several discount packages for those who pay before the offer date. We encourage you to opt for the current offers and take advantage of the discounts as early as possible.

We are sure the quotation and the terms of us are very transparent, clear to you. We are also sure that we have given you an excellent deal and excellent solution for growth and great cost saving for your company. We are sure once the software is fully implemented and used, it will give a huge saving and control over the business and huge reduction of cost of operation and improve customer satisfaction. We are looking forward to serve you as early as possible.


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