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Vehicle Master:

Vehicle Master is used to enter the vehicle details like Vehicle type, Vehicle code, Registration no, Purchase date, EMI date etc. Here we can also add the maintenance schedules.

Vehicle Service Schedule:

Vehicle Service Schedule is used to create the different service schedules of the vehicles.

Vehicle Daily Entry Listing:

  • It is used to create the daily entry process of the vehicles.
  • It includes the details like Vehicle No, Date, Service No, Trip collection, Driver Name, Helper name, Fuel details, Trip Expenditure etc.

Admin Expenditure / Income Listing:

Here we can enter the Expense and Income details of the Branch / Vehicle.

Daily Attendance Entry:

  • Here we can enter the attendance details of the employees.
  • Each Branch's employees will be listed and using the attendance details Payroll report is created.


Different Reports are available like Vehicle Daily entry report, Vehicle maintenance report, Admin Exp / Inc report, Voucher Report, Payroll Report Etc.

Admin Expenditure

Daily Attendance Entry

Employee Master

Employee Master



Vehicle Daily Entry Listing

Vehicle Master

Vehicle Service Schedule